• Integrated Planning

    Our team of dedicated planners are well practiced in designing holistic multi-channel campaigns that maximise your brand’s impact at every touch-point on the shopper journey.

    Using our rich benchmarking database we determine which combinations of media from across our diverse portfolio will drive the right customer response for your campaign, taking great care to help you reach your objectives.

    Our unique evaluations provide a comprehensive view of campaign performance and a clear set of recommendations for future activity. Our robust and precise methodology maps each customer’s personal shopping journey to calculate uplift and includes analysis on each channel’s contribution to ensure you drive maximum ROI.

  • Targeted

    Deliver against specific objectives using our enhanced targeting methodologies across a range of media solutions delivered in store and at home.

    Use Direct Mail or Sainsbury’s endorsed email to educate customers and deliver complex brand information for consideration at home to influence shopping missions; deliver innovative and cost effective Coupon at Till campaigns or strategic programmes that reach customers in store for maximum relevance or use our digital solutions to reach the right customers on the move with a personalised message offer.

    Targeted channels

    Enhanced customer targeting

    Using the best in class methodologies and wealth of Sainsburys and Nectar customer level data to predict and identify the most appropriate customers to target across all targeted channels for each campaign.

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    Coupon at till

    Coupon at Till (CaT) is a channel that enables brands to target customers at point of sale based on their buying behaviour. Coupons come in colour and in freestyle and extended formats to support more branded messaging.

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    Enhanced coupon at till

    Enhance your Coupon at Till campaign with an educational or informative email to either all emailable customers or part of your target audience to support a specific objective – for example to help explain your brand USP to acquisition targets.

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    Highly targeted email to Nectar collectors based on their shopping behaviour in Sainsbury’s. Primarily used to drive awareness and provide brand / product education.

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    Branded offers direct to the customer via their mobile phone. Reach customers who are difficult to influence through more traditional paper-based offers using location based offers that remind customers of offers in which they have opted in to when they are near one of their favourite stores.

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    Direct mail

    Targeted Direct Mail allows brands to use Nectar data to directly access customers and showcase strong brand messaging with highly targeted bespoke communications.

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    Yahoo consumer connect

    Join the shopper journey dots from home to store by using close proximity outdoor advertising, targeting specific stores and linking to 6 sheets which are often the first point of media contact that shoppers encounter on their visit to Sainsbury’s.

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  • At Home

    Our at home proposition includes an extensive suite of channels across both print and digital media.

    Connecting with shoppers at home is proven to raise brand awareness and spark product interest prior to the shopping mission and final purchase.

    Our rich customer insights and expertise ensure that communications are relevant and that they are distributed through the most effective channels to maximise return.

    At home channels

    Programmatic Online Campaigns

    With the ability to reach 99% of the UK population across 4,000 sites that are safe for your brand, programmatic online campaigns let you communicate with your customers and prospects while they are browsing the web on desktops and using their mobiles.

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    Sainsbury’s online

    Introduce your products to Sainsbury’s online market place, the high-traffic web solution where over 170,000 transactions are made per week.

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    Sainsbury’s magazine

    With a print run of approximately 350,000 ABC audited sales each month it has an estimated readership of 3.1 million (NRS). The magazine combines lifestyle features and advertorials with branded display adverts.

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    Complimenting Sainsbury’s magazine, drives increased brand loyalty for Sainsbury’s and partner brands.

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    Milk advertising

    A unique high visibility branded platform that reaches shoppers both in store and at home.

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    Online sampling leaflets

    Bring your product to life for online shoppers by delivering branded communications to their homes.

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  • In store

    Our in-store media channels have a significant, measurable influence upon the buying decisions of each of Sainsbury’s 19 million customers.

    Capitalising on our exclusive data driven insights allows you to make the most effective use of your brand’s marketing spend. You will be communicating through a diverse set of high reach, promotion-led and audio-visual channels that engage and influence each one of Sainsbury’s customers.

    In store channels

    Entrance gates

    Engage shoppers immediately, with entrance gates equipped to showcase your brand imagery and promotion to shoppers at the beginning of their journey.

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    Trolley and basket advertising

    Integrate into the shopper journey quite literally with trolley media; showcasing your brand in and around store from aisle to aisle.

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    Recipe card barkers

    Provide shoppers with great recipes ideas and content at shelf and show them your product’s diversity; perfect for guiding customers from consideration to purchase.

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    New information barkers

    Show off all that makes your NPD amazing with the New Information Barker, which entices customers to experience your new product benefits.

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    Competition barkers

    This is your chance to overlay your brand campaign with an exclusive Sainsbury’s competition, using the Nectar ‘Swipe to Win’ mechanism you can run Nectar points competitions or prize giveaways.

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    Take-home barkers

    Excellent opportunity to educate shoppers about a product or range in a compelling way.

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    In-store broadcasting

    Converse with customers throughout their shopper journeys with timely broadcasts that support your brand and promotions.

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    In-store sampling

    A unique opportunity to generate trial of your product via active selling; interact with customers on a personal level, demonstrating the personality behind your brand, as well as the benefits of your products.

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    TV wall

    Featured in 200+ Sainsbury’s stores, TV walls can be intelligently employed to highlight in-store promotions and clips of your ATL adverts.

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  • Around store

    You can also interact with shoppers as they travel to store, using our portfolio of media located in strategic proximity to Sainsbury’s stores.

    These channels, such as 6 sheets and bollards, are typically the first points of media contact to greet shoppers on their journey to store, and make a strong impression with high impact.

    The creative is flexible and can be fully branded or complemented with elements of Sainsbury’s look and feel to make sure your brand is front of mind.

    Around store channels

    Close proximity outdoor advertising and 6 sheets

    Join the Shopper Journey dots from home to store by using close proximity outdoor advertising, targeting specific stores and linking to 6 sheets which are often the first point of media contact that shoppers encounter on their visit to Sainsbury’s.

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    Bollard advertising

    Is predominately used to support events and provides excellent brand presence in a prominent position outside store entrance/exits.

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