Linking the
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At i2c our products have been designed to help you grow your business with Sainsbury’s.

To help you maximise the benefit from our products and services, we have created a series of modules built around the core pillars of retail and brand strategy. Each pillar includes our most relevant products, that when combined, deliver the most impact for your brand and the category. This is achieved by combining a deep and rich understanding of relevant customer behaviour with the optimal mix of marketing channels to reward shoppers, drive your objectives and support Sainsbury’s category visions. We believe this approach truly allows you to link customer insights with effective communication to deliver the maximum impact for your brand.

NPD & brand extension

We can support you throughout the New Product Development process by:

  • Identifying and engaging your target market before your launch using a powerful combination of behavioural insights and market research.
  • Maximising your launch impact with our proven targeted, in-store and outdoor media channels.
  • Delivering post campaign analysis to measure launch performance and providing clear recommendations for future success.


Our granular customer insight, coupled with an experienced FMCG consultancy team, can support all your promotional needs:

  • Determine the true performance of your promotional activity and the effectiveness of different promotional mechanics.
  • Equip you with clear insight and recommendations to support your relationship with Sainsbury’s.
  • Design and execute personalised media communications campaigns that amplify your promotional impact and effectiveness.


Our unique combination of insight, consulting and media can support you throughout the range review process with Sainsbury’s:

  • Understand the existing range and category landscape by coupling behavioural shopper data with research data to uncover how customers shop and the key decisions they make prior to purchase.
  • Optimise the range based on product uniqueness, appeal to key customer segments and performance across a number of agreed metrics.
  • Use tailored media campaigns to highlight new range additions and guide customers through significant range changes.


Execute the most impactful in-store events by combining our knowledge of Sainsbury’s with our understanding of customers and how they view your brand:

  • Support the most appropriate events which align to your both your brand’s objectives and those of the category.
  • Use targeted and broad reach media in combination with event only channels to create compelling campaigns for shoppers, drawing them into store, aisles and to products.
  • Measure event performance at product, category, and total store level and understand the long term impact on customer behaviour.

Driving deeper loyalty and growth

Through our unrivalled analytics and shopper data, we understand not only what a customer has done, but also how a customer will react to a future offer or action:

  • With these insights we can help you hit your brand objectives, such as driving frequency or weight of purchase, building brand awareness, or cross-selling into your adjacent brands.
  • Whatever your objective, we have the insights and communications you need to drive positive customer behaviour.