Our comprehensive shopper data lets you know what drives your brand’s sales performance at Sainsbury’s by:

  • Providing a clear view of how your brand performance compares with your competitors.
  • Identifying who your customers are and which of them also buy competitor brands.
  • Illustrating the role and ranking of your products within online and convenience channels.
  • Clarifying how successfully your promotions are at attracting new customers to support your brand and boost category sales.

What would it be worth to your business to understand shopper behaviour? At i2c we combine Sainsbury’s transaction data with the Nectar loyalty programme to uncover the customer behaviour that is driving sales performance. i2c can help your business understand.

  • Shopper behaviour; who buys what, when they buy it and what they buy it with?
  • Your competitors' performance
  • What your optimum range could do for the catego
  • How to maximise promotional performance
  • How your NPD is performing immediately after launch
  • On-line and convenience shopper trends and behaviours

For the full 360-degree view of shoppers, we combine data-led insight analysis with specifically targeted market research, so we can link purchase activity with the intention behind the behaviour. With exclusive access to survey 7 million customers, our depth of targeting is unrivalled in the retail sector. Surveys can be triggered by specific purchasing events ensuring timeliness and richness of response.

Customer analysis tools

Customer analysis tools

Self Serve is our customer analysis tool that puts the shopping behaviour of 19 million Sainsbury’s customers at the core of your communications by:

  • Giving you access to the data and insight techniques used by Sainsbury’s trading and insight teams.
  • Inviting transparency through an intuitive & user friendly interface, designed for business users and analysts alike.
  • Supplying you with a rolling historical view that gives access to 104 weeks of collated data.
  • Delivering you a unique combination of sales and customer transaction data refreshed every 7 days.

With 29 billion rows of data at your fingertips, Self Serve is your one-stop insights platform for regular evaluation and deep analytical enquiry. Granular to the day, SKU and store level, Self Serve contains the intelligence to support your shopper-centric decision-making.

Self Serve, our online reporting system, provides actionable insight in minutes, using a powerful combination of demographic and behavioural data from over 19 million Nectar card holders.

Self Serve provides access to 2 years' worth of data, updated every week to provide the most recent customer data at your fingertips. Queries can be run at the most granular of levels, looking at individual products, stores, even down to specific times of day. And what's more, this data is drawn from every single transaction in Sainsbury's – no factoring up from a sample! – ensuring the highest level of accuracy for decision making.

Retails Consultancy

Retail Consultancy

Our team of Retail Consultants are on hand to align your strategic objectives with Sainsbury’s by:

  • Helping you collaborate with Sainsbury’s to ensure communications deliver the greatest impact.
  • Facilitating meaningful conversations by using Sainsbury’s methodologies and best practices.
  • Nurturing your thought leadership through our deep understanding of Sainsbury’s category objectives and strategies.
  • Sharing our knowledge and experience of ranging, retail industries, fast moving consumer goods and analytics.

The i2c Retail Consultancy team are experts at uncovering core insights that can make a difference to your business. Our retail consultancy offers bespoke analysis tailored to your requirements using Sainsbury’s insight best practice methodologies.

Our alignment with the Category and Range Planners in Sainsbury’s trading , allows us to align your business questions and opportunities with Sainsbury’s ensuring that your brands and the category strategies are reflected. The key areas we support are:

Promotions: Develop the best promotional mix as deal levels and mechanics are rationalised within the Value Simplicity initiative.

Ranging: Navigate the range review process using Sainsbury’s customer ranking metrics and loyalty measures.

New products: Whether it is to gain a new listing or defending a recent NPD, we can build a business case using our benchmarks and targeted market research to understand what customers really think of it.

Channels: Uncover the role of your brand within the basket missions across Sainsbury’s online, convenience and superstore.

Category Visions: We facilitate the development of category visions with Sainsbury’s and key, strategic suppliers providing unrivalled access to best practice insight and the category teams strategy.

Market Research

Market Research

i2c is uniquely positioned to fully integrate actual shopping behaviours with customer opinions and motivations to elicit real holistic insights:

  • Unrivalled targeting capabilities with the largest customer research database in the UK with over 5m active members.
  • A suite of bespoke solutions to best meet business objectives and budgets.
  • The only agency that can integrate Sainsbury’s shoppers actual behaviour with their attitudes.
  • Highly accurate targeting using actual shopping behaviours and segmentation profiles rather than relying on claimed behaviour through traditional screeners.
  • Our market researchers are also retail experts, capable of adding a high level of retail feasibility to your research findings to maximise real world impact.

Having a view of customers opinions is vital to ensuring your brands success in Sainsbury’s. i2c have a hugely experienced research team with the unique capability to highly target key customer groups to gauge their opinions on all aspects of your products and brands. Our portfolio of Smarter solutions covers four key areas::

Smarter Brand:Look to understand both category and wider market landscapes, how your brand sits within them and what potential customer segments are key for your brands success.

Smarter Development: Even before your product hits the shelf, get a view from Sainsbury’s customers as to what ideas interest and excite them, what packs and products work for them and how they expect them to be priced and ranged in store.

Smarter Experience: Understand what its like for the customer, their in store experience, what was their pathway to purchase for your product or brand and how effective was your media in driving this.

Smarter Performance :With your new product on shelf understand what’s driving its success or holding it back, once established you may want to reformulate the product, look at pricing changes, different range options or promotional mechanics.

Our Smarter offering gives you very actionable insight that allows you to generate impact within your business

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