Customer insight

Unlock a deep and rich understanding of who your customers are and how they shop with Sainsbury’s.

  • Combine granular transaction and Nectar programme data to uncover the customer behaviour that is driving sales performance.
  • Integrate transactional insights with targeted market research to link purchase activity to the intention behind the behaviour.
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Linking the insight to communication

We truly link the i to the c by applying all our rich customer insights back into the design and execution of future strategic communications programs for the maximum impact.

  • Identify and engage your target market to understand their shopping motivations, attitudes and triggers.
  • Design and execute the optimal mix of marketing channels to reward shoppers, drive your objectives and support Sainsbury’s category vision.
  • Regardless of your objective, we have the combined insights and communications offer to drive positive customer behaviour.
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Shopper communication

Deliver relevant and timely communications to customers at every stage of their shopping journey.

  • Leverage our extensive range of channels, from high reach branded messages in and around store to highly targeted, personalised offers direct to the shopper.
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