Creating the most rewarding relationships between Sainsbury’s, shoppers and brands

At i2c our vision is to make business personal, by helping Sainsbury’s, shoppers and brands to build rewarding relationships.

We create deep shopper insights and build impactful communication programmes to engage customers at relevant stages of their shopper journey. By gathering, analysing and acting on customer data, we develop a precise view of who your customers are, what they want from your products and what will appeal to them in the future.

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How would you describe your usual weekly meals?


Health conscious but indulge at weekend 48% (768 votes)
Always Quick and convenient 22% (345 votes)
Always Health conscious 19% (300 votes)
Quick and convenient but binge at weekend 7% (115 votes)
Indulgent all week 5% (74 votes)
Total Votes: 1602

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