Creating the most rewarding relationships between Sainsbury’s, shoppers and brands

At i2c our vision is to make business personal, by helping Sainsbury’s, shoppers and brands to build rewarding relationships.

We create deep shopper insights and build impactful communication programmes to engage customers at relevant stages of their shopper journey. By gathering, analysing and acting on customer data, we develop a precise view of who your customers are, what they want from your products and what will appeal to them in the future.

We won Most Effective use of Data -
for the Molson Coors Programmatic Campaign Strategy.

What the judges were looking for:

We had to show how we utilised data to drive the success of a campaign. Demonstrating:
1. Planning, unification and integration of data e.g. First party CRM, third party data etc.
2. How the data has driven campaign success e.g. Newcustomer acquisition, retention or cross-sell

Why we won:

i2c’s use of data for a programmatic campaign is different. The data is based on millions of real in store and online purchases linked via a Nectar card swipe.

We can therefore deliver highly personalised and efficient advertising campaigns at scale and our analysis enables us to attribute real value and provide comprehensive results.

This innovative use of shopping data drove the overall performance of the display campaign and delivered impressive results for the Carling “Great British Moments” programmatic campaign in isolation.

Who we work with...